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Barnum No. 7 Independent Order of the Odd Fellow invites you to explore the community that is Odd Fellowship. Our lodge is a family of brothers and sisters working to build a world that we want to leave to future generations. At Barnum Lodge we offer:

  • A unique environment of caring and supportive folks to learn and grow with.
  • We strive to become better people.
  • A way to support many local, national and international charities.

The moment you walk up the stairs at the Corvallis Odd Fellowship Hall you will be met with the warmth and comradery that 200 years our foundational beliefs of Friendship, Love, and Truth have built. Barnum Lodge No. 7 is, amongst other things, a charitable organization that uses much of the money it generates through facility rentals to aid worthy organizations, events and individuals. If you are looking for an opportunity to be of service to your community, while enjoying making new friends, there is a place for you in this organization.

We seek people of good character that believe we can make a difference in our world. Barnum Lodge No. 7 could use your help. The work we do is worthwhile and important. The more active members we have, the easier it becomes to do our work and the more we can take on. We invite you to join in that work by becoming a member of the Lodge.

The independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization founded upon the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. These three principles, we believe are essential for the future of our country, our community and our society. Friendship is the strongest bond of our association. As a member you are bound to participate with your brothers and sisters to safeguard our members and families in times of adversity and aid those in distress. Love is the link which requires neighborliness to our fellow human beings, which comes only after all hatred, envy and selfishness have been laid aside. Truth is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society. United together we can make a greater impact on our community than we can as individuals. We hope you will consider joining us at Barnum Lodge No. 7 in our effort to make a better community and world.


Barnum lodge #7 Charity giving Barnum lodge #7 has a very active giving program. Though a set of grant giving programs the Lodge has been giving more than $20,000 dollars yearly to individuals and groups. In the next few years we hope to more that double this level. These grants can be given to relieved the distress of people, usually in less than 6 weeks. While names are not mentioned money for individuals go to people to help with medical needs, utilities and so on after other resources are unavailable. Money for groups local has helped feed the local poor, homeless and distressed. Also charity grant have been give locally for international aid, Friend of the Orphans (to help orphans in central American), Mercy Corp (international medical emergencies) and Oxfam (development aid), for instance. Just listing all the recipients would take many pages.

Beside giving money the Odd Fellows have donated the meeting hall for many community service event, lectures, movies, writer group and so many other activities.

Here are a few of the thank you letters sent to Barnum lodge Click here

National & International

Educational Foundation The Education Foundation of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows began on September 20, 1927. The purposes of the foundation is to operate a Revolving Loan Fund for students and is supported by donations to a trust. Low interest rate loans are made for two or four year programs at an accredited college or university and for study at any recognized trade school after completion of high school. R. Kenneth Babb, Executive Director PO BOX 20455 Winston-Salem NC 27120 United States of America Tel: 336-724-5166 Fax: 336-724-5116 Email: [ email ]

Odd Fellow / Rebekah Visual Research Foundation Odd Fellows and Rebkeahs work to advance eye research through Professorships in Ophthalmology at the world famous Wilmer Ophthalmoligical Institute at John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. The Odd Fellow World Eye Bank and Visual Research Foundation established in 1956 conducts intensive studies of corneal transplantation, allergic and congenital diseases of the eye. Wesley Nelson, Chairman 24 Northmount Dr NW Calgary AB T2K 3E8 Canada Tel: 403-274-4644 Fax: 403-274-4644 Email: [ email ] Donations: C/O The Sovereign Grand Lodge, IOOF 422 Trade Street Winston-Salem NC 27101-2830 United States of America

The SGL/IARA Joint Youth Committee Keith Ploof, Chairman PO BOX 54 Highgate Center VT 05459 United States of America Tel: 802-868-4943 Fax: 802-868-5043 Email: [ email ] United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth We in Odd Fellowship are proud of the opportunity we give students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of high school. Groups of selected students are transported to New York where they have the opportunity to learn about the work the United Nations is doing to promote world peace, to educate the people of the world, and to relieve their suffering whether by famine, disease, or war. Students enjoy a question and answer period that sharpens their comprehension of United Nations affairs. That is but a small part of the learning experience for those selected to participate. The students are taken to many historical places and have a first hand view of their country’s beginning and of the Civil War. They visit many of the cultural and educational centers of the nation. Coming as they do from all areas of the United States and several foreign countries, they exchange views of education, politics, religion, world relationships and cultures. This learning and growing experience provided by Odd Fellows and Rebekahs is one of the most important and effective programs that we have. Approximately 42,000 students have participated in the United Nations Pilgrimage. No other organization is accorded this privilege Provides the opportunity for students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of high school to learn about the work the United Nations is doing to promote world peace, to educate the people of the world and to relieve their suffering whether by famine, disease, or by war. No other organization is accorded this privilege. (IOOF United nations Educational Pilgrimage for Youth, Inc.) Charles Benson, Executive Director 422 Trade St Winston-Salem NC 27101-2830 United States of America Tel: 888-247-4983 Fax: 613-962-3826 Email: [ email ] Website:

Arthritis Advisory Board Odd Fellows and Rebekahs contribute to Arthritis Foundation where funds aid in research to find the cause, ways to prevent and treatments methods to fight this painful and crippling disease. Les D. Robertson, Chairman 11932 Taylor Rd Churubusco IN 46723-9471 United States of America Tel: 260-693-2360 Fax: 260-693-2715 Email: [ email ]

Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home Association The first Odd Fellow Home was established in 1872 in Pennsylvania. In a few years this grew to 65 homes located in most of the states and some foreign countries. Well over 100,000 orphans and aged members have been admitted to our homes in the intervening years Mark Ulrich, President 1107 Walnut St Devils Lake ND 58301-3240 United States of America Email: [ email ] Hunger and Disaster Relief Funds We demonstrate our obligation in "relieving the distressed" by providing funds for aid in natural disaster of flood, fire or earthquake. This fund is supported entirely by donations and contributions by Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and the need for donations in always eminent. Terry Barrett, SGS 422 Trade St Winston-Salem NC 27101 United States of America Tel: 800-235-8358 Fax: 336-722-7317 Email: [ email ]

Community Service & Living Legacy Instituted in 1989 with the goal of planting trees to beautify the environment and improve our ecology. " Plant a tree for those who come after me". Many lodges have participated with their city Parks or Recreation Departments of School districts to plant trees in many areas where shade and environmental improvements would be appreciated. Often Lodges plant trees in honor of members who have passed away. Mavis Paull 422 Trade St Winston - Salem NC 27101-2830 United States of America

IOOF SOS Children's Village Several years ago, recognizing a need to care for orphaned, abandoned, neglected, and abused children, a non-governmental child welfare organization was formed which is now known as the SOS Children’s Villages and provides loving, stable homes in over 132 countries around the world. They serve all children in need regardless of race, nationality or creed. Every child is assured of the love and support of a surrogate parent with brothers and sisters, the opportunity to live in a permanent house, and the positive experience of being part of a larger village community. This prepares them to take their rightful place in society as happy, responsible, and productive adults. That is precisely what the Independent Order of Odd Fellows did when our children’s homes were operating all over this country for more than a century. At one time the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs had 65 children’s homes in the U.S. and were caring for over 100,000 children. The SOS Village Organization at this time has 456 Villages serving over 58,000 children.

A partnership between the I.O.O.F. and The SOS Children’s Villages will be an ideal relationship between the two most dedicated, private, non-governmental, non-profit organizations in the world who are dedicated to protecting and nurturing orphans and all children in need. There are currently three SOS Villages in the United States and The I.O.O.F. is in the process of building a SOS Village in Cambodia which is planned for dedication in 2006.

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