How To Make a Charitable Request To Barnum Lodge

Thank you for choosing the Corvallis Odd Fellows for your charitable request. The mission of the Odd Fellows is to assist those in need in its community.

The Odd Fellows makes grants in two different ways. They can make monetary donations to assist an individual, a non-profit organization or they can grant use of the Odd Fellow facility for community organizations to host special events.

Monetary grants are not for regular, continual funding of an organization. They are one-time donations only and generally do not exceed $1000.00. Use of the Odd Fellow facility may be donated for the use of a non-profit organization and are also on a non-continual basis. Individual assistance is granted to pay a one-time need. These generally do not exceed $500. No one person will receive the grant, it must be paid directly to the agency, utility or other secured business.

Request for monetary grants or facility donations should be sent to the Lodge Secretary in the form of a donation proposal. Monetary grant requests must also be presented by a sponsor or agency, not the individual. Any proposals will be presented at the next regular lodge meeting. Regular Lodge meetings occur on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of each month. Each donation or facility grant must be sponsored by a member of the Lodge and the Lodge body must vote to approve the grant. If a member of the Lodge is willing to sponsor the donation, this member will become the point of contact to the organization. This member will contact the organization and inform them of the approval of the grant. If the grant is a facility donation the sponsoring member is also responsible for the logistics, coordination and representation of the facility and the event.

Due to the meeting schedule of the Lodge the grant process will take a minimum of 45 days. Please be aware that the Grant Committee must make contact with the group or individual making the request and then make a full report to the lodge members. If the members need more information the committee must gather more information and then again report to the members. If you have a deadline that must be met, please take this timeline into consideration. If a grant is not approved the organization will be contacted by the Lodge Secretary.

To email the Lodge Secretary for more information.