How To Join Barnum Lodge

In order to join the Lodge you must be sponsored by an Odd Fellow in good standing. Your sponsor will usually be a member of our Lodge but any Odd Fellow can sponsor you.

You must fill out an application form. You can get the application form from you sponsor, at the lodge hall or by filling out the membership application form on this website (below).

When you come to the Lodge you will need to have your application filled out and be prepared to pay the application fee of $40. You will then be interviewed by a committee of members. One question you will be asked is whether you believe in a supreme being, creator and preserver of the universe. If you cannot give an affirmative answer to this question you cannot be admitted as an Odd Fellow.

After you have been interviewed the Lodge will review your application and the report of the interviewing committee. The Lodge then votes to accept you as a member. After the vote, your sponsor will inform you of the outcome of the vote.

If you are accepted as a member of the Lodge you will than have to be initiated. This can happen either at your Lodge or at some other Lodge that is initiating.

What Does Odd Fellowship Do For You?

  • Leadership Training

  • A More Purposeful Life

  • Enduring Friendships

  • Community Activity Participation

  • A Broadening of Your Mind

  • Opportunities to Help Children, the Elderly, and People of In Between Ages

  • Good Fellowship

  • An Inner Satisfaction That Money Cannot Buy

  • A Warm Welcome in Strange Cities and Distant Lands