IOOF Pioneer Cemetery

The Odd Fellows Cemetery Association of Corvallis (OFCA), an Oregon corporation and a 501(c)3 non-profit, operates the historic cemetery atop Cemetery Hill* (4343 Witham Hill Drive) in Corvallis under the supervision of the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. *Witham Hill is actually the wooded hill southwest of the Cemetery, but all high ground in the vicinity is popularly called "Witham Hill" now.

Like most non-profit single-purpose corporations, operating this cemetery is its sole "business." This is carried out as our duty as Odd Fellows to "bury the dead." The association has a Board of Directors, four in number; who are also the Trustees of Barnum Lodge No. 7, I.O.O.F. The OFCA is thus a "daughter corporation" of the Corvallis Lodge. Its various tax and legal reports are included in the Lodge's filings (e.g. Form 990).

The manager coordinates the various tasks needed to operate the cemetery, including arranging mowing the grounds and maintaining their accessibility to survivors and visitors maintaining the cemetery records and fielding questions concerning them coordinating and supervising burials selling lots.

There are no fixed office hours for the OFCA. The Directors and Manager make time from their other pursuits for these duties as they can. Most operational decisions (paying bills, setting policy) are made at the regular monthly Board meeting.

Other cemetery operational business is done by appointment.

As Odd Fellows have always done as their Duty, YES, we will bury the indigent and the unfortunate. There are no restrictions on who may be buried ; no affiliation with our Order is required. As a matter of heritage, we do encourage local families and members of the Order to consider choosing their internment place atop historic Cemetery Hill.


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Corvallis Odd Fellows Historic Cemetery

IOOF Cemetery
4343 NW Witham Hill Dr
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
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Located in Benton County, Oregon