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Barnum lodge #7 Charity giving

Barnum lodge  #7 has a very active giving program.  Though a set of grant giving programs the Lodge has been giving more than $20,000 dollars yearly to individuals and groups. In the next few years we hope to more that double this level.  These grants can be given to relieved the distress of people, usually in less than 6 weeks.  While names are not mentioned money for individuals go to people to help with medical needs, utilities and so on after other resources are unavailable.  Money for groups local has helped feed the local poor, homeless and distressed.  Also charity grant have been give locally for international aid, Friend of the Orphans (to help orphans in central American), Mercy Corp (international medical emergencies) and Oxfam (development aid), for instance.  Just listing all the recipients would take many pages.  

Beside giving money the Odd Fellows have donated the meeting hall for many community service event, lectures, movies, writer group and so many other activities.

Here are a few of the thank you letters sent to Barnum lodge  Click here

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