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Friendship, Love and Truth
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 Barnum No. 7 Independent Order of the Odd Fellow invites you to explore the community that is Odd Fellowship. Our lodge is a family of brothers and sisters working to build a world that we want to leave to future generations.
At Barnum Lodge we offer:
* A unique environment of caring and supportive folks to learn and grow with.
* We strive to become better people.
* A way to support many local, national and international charities.
The moment you walk up the stairs at the Corvallis Odd Fellowship Hall you will be met with the warmth and comradery that 200 years our foundational beliefs of Friendship, Love, and Truth have built. Barnum Lodge No. 7 is, amongst other things, a charitable organization that uses much of the money it generates through facility rentals to aid worthy organizations, events and individuals. If you are looking for an opportunity to be of service to your community, while enjoying making new friends, there is a place for you in this organization.
We seek people of good character that believe we can make a difference in our world.  Barnum Lodge No. 7 could use your help. The work we do is worthwhile and important. The more active members we have, the easier it becomes to do our work and the more we can take on. We invite you to join in that work by becoming a member of the Lodge.  
The independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization founded upon the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. These three principles, we believe are essential for the future of our country, our community and our society. Friendship is the strongest bond of our association. As a member you are bound to participate with your brothers and sisters to safeguard our members and families in times of adversity and aid those in distress. Love is the link which requires neighborliness to our fellow human beings, which comes only after all hatred, envy and selfishness have been laid aside. Truth is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society. United together we can make a greater impact on our community than we can as individuals. We hope you will consider joining us at Barnum Lodge No. 7 in our effort to make a better community and world.
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